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In accordance with the Securities and Futures Act of Singapore and associated Regulations (Law), First Degree Global Asset Management Pte. Ltd. provides services only to Qualified Investors, including Accredited Investors (as defined in the Law). Portfolio and performance details of our strategies are therefore only available after certification that you satisfy the requirements to qualify as as an Accredited Investor

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Portfolio Management is not simply about picking a few stocks that we think might perform well next week or next month, or coming up with a couple of trading ideas for tomorrow based upon the latest media noise

Portfolio management is about identifying those investments that are likely to provide an attractive return for an investor's capital and which, when combined together in a portfolio, provide a superior return than the sum of the individual component returns.  Superior here means one of two things: either the same return as for the components, but at a lower level of risk for the portfolio, or a higher return for the portfolio, but at the same level of risk as for the individual components

The science behind portfolio management is important, but it can be more than a little dreary to even financial professionals. What is important to the investor is the principles that underlie how an investment manager applies that science

For First Degree, these are:

We believe in being realistic about what markets can deliver

The long-term returns (and risk) of markets are well-established and our aim is to harness those returns at the lowest possible risk. We will never chase (or promise) returns in excess of what we believe that markets can deliver, because we know (and others should know) that the positioning required to do so increases the risk profile of an portfolio exponentially

We believe that investors should have exposure to a range of investment opportunities and a portfolio should not be excessively concentrated in a particular position or sector, no matter how confident in a position one is. The investment universe is vast and concentration risk is the cancer that destroys far too many portfolios

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