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The Platform for Fund Managers, by Fund Managers

Established in 2011 and wholly-owned by its Executive Team, First Degree has a commitment to excellence in all aspects of investment management, investment strategy, execution, legal structuring of investment vehicles, risk management and compliance.


What is our Manager Platform?

We provide aspiring fund managers a cost effective solution to set up their fund vehicle by taking care of all the operational requirements. First Degree has a Capital Markets Services license in Singapore and we cater to fund managers across Private Equity, Hedge and Venture Capital Strategies.

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Meet The Team

Chief Executive Officer

“Regulation is something to be cherished and a solid compliance record is an asset to every investor. We are not policemen, rather we instill a sense of confidence in our clients that what they are doing is both legal and optimal.”

Chief Investment Officer

“Every client is different and they can
access our expertise as much or as little
as they want. Legal questions, investment
questions or just sounding out ideas is what we enjoy”

The First Degree View

What happened to the cow?

In the classic fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack is charged with the important job of taking the family’s cow to market to sell for

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Spurious Fed policy

A lower than expected CPI result of +0.4% for October in the US sparked an explosive rally across risk assets last night.  If this number

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Accelerated Venture Capital Fund

The Accelerated Venture Capital Fund provides investors with exposure to the Agglomeration process in the SME space. Agglomeration™ is a unique type of collaboration where a group of SMEs from similar and adjacent industries join forces and list publicly on a global exchange and then grow further through organic and inorganic activities.

The fund acquires an interest in a private company which then is purchased by a public equity platform.

Artheon Global Credit Opportunities Fund

The fund aims to generate an attractive return over the medium term by investing in a diversified range of fixed income securities through a flexible, benchmark-insensitive active strategy and by applying moderate leverage dynamically to enhance the overall return.

CEC Life Science Fund

The CEC Life Science Fund will invest in companies in the Life Sciences, Healthcare and Wellness (LHW) sectors that are developing therapeutic drugs, diagnostic platforms and content, medical devices, healthcare technologies (utilising digital and AI technology), and wellness products.

The Fund will focus on early and mid-stage companies, typically those close to initiating clinical trials, or already undergoing Phase I or Phase II trials.

Earthwake Green Impact Fund VCC

Earthwake targets investors who wish to make an impact on reversing climate change. Green bonds are Fixed Income securities that fund ecologically and environmentally beneficial projects such as alternative energy in the emerging markets.

Earthwake in particular focuses on Green projects in emerging Asia.

Global Patent Assertion Capital Corporation

The GPACC Enhancer Fund Series provides prefunding to advanced stage asset vehicles in Assertion Programs including Litigation, Intellectual Property, Licencing, and Product Liability prior to the launch of products on their respective investment platforms. The GPACC Enhancer Fund Series provides an attractive rate of return, while reducing risk through the acquisition or participation in longstanding asset vehicles that are thoroughly evaluated.

H2 Fund LP

Introducing an Optimal Model for Venture Investment

H2 Fund LP offers investors access to a diversified portfolio of attractive early-stage technology investments from around the world.

IntrinSiX Capital Incorporated

IntrinSiX Capital was founded with a firm belief – that when investors and capital allocators invest only in quality businesses led by honest management with the drive to improve the world, the business community will in turn be encouraged to do better and the world will be a better place.

We love extraordinary businesses that understand consumers intimately and serve them sincerely. We actively look for such long-term winners with virtuous cycles powering their long-term growth engine, investing only when their valuations are attractive. We are long-term partners with our portfolio companies and forge close relationships with management teams; we want to own a piece of such wonderful businesses long-term, forever if possible.

Portal Digital Fund

The Portal Digital Fund – is a fund of difficult to access funds that invest in high performance quant trading of digital assets.


We specialise in managing Venture Capital, Private Equity, Fixed Income and Fin-tech funds.

Chief Executive Officer

Tony Morgan

Tony has twenty years’ experience in the management of investment management businesses in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region.

Tony began his career as a corporate and securities lawyer with Baker & McKenzie in Sydney, before holding the roles of Head of Investment Product and Corporate Counsel at Davey Financial Management and Corporate Counsel and Head of the Retail Business of Jardine Fleming Australia.

Tony then transferred to Hong Kong to take up the role of Business Management Director of the JF Asset Management Group. Subsequent to those roles, Tony relocated to Singapore where he held the roles of Chief Operating Officer, South Asia, and Head of Sovereign and Institutional Clients, South Asia, at JPMorgan Asset Management.

In those roles, Tony served as the Chairman of JPMorgan Asset Management (India), a Director of JF Capital Partners (Australia), JF Asset Management (India), Al Meezan Investment Fund (Pakistan) and Ayudhya JF Asset Management (Thailand), all of which were licensed investment management entities.

Tony holds a Bachelor of Legal Studies from Macquarie University, a Master of Laws and a Master of Taxation from the University of Sydney and a Master of Business Administration from the University of London and has been admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and of the High Court of Australia.

Tony is also the Chairman of Blue Duck Design Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based graphic design firm.

Chief Investment Officer

Stephen Fisher

Stephen has twenty five years’ experience as an investment professional with leading investment management groups in the United States, Asia and Australia

Immediately prior to co-founding First Degree in 2011, Stephen was the Head of Global Fixed Income Product – Asia Pacific at JPMorgan Asset Management, and had investment responsibility for the firm’s mandates from Central Banks, Sovereign Wealth Funds and some of the largest Institutions in the Asia Pacific Region

Prior to that role, Stephen held roles with the firm in New York and Australia, including those of Australian Head of Capital Markets Research and Asia Pacific Regional Head of Capital Markets Research

Stephen’s specialist areas of expertise include the quantitative analysis of fixed income, equity and derivative securities and asset allocation techniques. He has advised some of the leading Global Central Banks and Sovereign Wealth Funds on reserves management practices, and his research has been widely published

Stephen holds a Master of Science (Finance) an a PhD (Finance) from the WE Simon Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Rochester, New York, and a Bachelor of Economics (First Class Honours) from the University of Sydney

Stephen is also a Non-Executive Director of Avation Plc, a commercial aircraft leasing company listed on the Main Board of the London Stock Exchange.