C is the chemical element symbol for Carbon.  Carbon is number…
July 26, 2021/by Stephen

The Calculus of Lockdown

Lockdowns have become commonplace as a way to prevent or stall…
May 17, 2021/by Stephen

Robinhood, the Efficient Markets Hypothesis and the Gamification of Investing

30 years ago, investing was a serious business.  (Actually,…
March 7, 2021/by Stephen

SPAC’s place in the world

As its name suggests, a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC)…
February 21, 2021/by Stephen

Socialism fails once again in distributing the Covid vaccine

Reuters headline: "New York and Florida tell hospitals to dispense…
January 5, 2021/by Stephen

Covid Notepad 3…plus a comment on Brexit

If there was one thing that was certain to flow from the Covid-19…
December 7, 2020/by Stephen

Why do political opinion polls seem like rubbish? PLUS the First Degree US election Special PLUS the latest release from DJ Dr Fish​

I have seen many electoral events where opinion polls uniformly…
October 30, 2020/by Stephen

When POTUS sneezes, nobody catches a cold…Trump’s win-win Covid diagnosis

Upon learning of President Trump's Covid diagnosis on Friday…
October 3, 2020/by Stephen

Arrigato goziemasu Warren-san…plus what is Vegas saying about Trump?

Warren Buffett is turning Japanese, I think he's turning Japanese,…
September 1, 2020/by Stephen

Tossing coins: The Vaccine v The Fed

AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and other drug makers are finalising…
August 30, 2020/by Stephen

Is Covid 19 an election issue? What is Vegas saying about Trump?

Is a Government's handling of Covid 19 an election issue?

August 16, 2020/by Stephen

Covid notepad 2 : Observations and opinions

Government v covid 19: I

Suppose you are the leader  of your…
July 3, 2020/by Stephen
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