Are you looking to start a fund in asia?

First Degree Asia’s Fund Platform allows fund managers to set up a cost effective fund solution for anyone wishing to set up a new fund structure.

First Degree is able to provide the back and middle office operations to the fund – office space, compliance, IT and corporate governance – to any new fund managers.

Fund managers who are looking to set up in Singapore are able to leverage of First Degree’s expertise in setting up their fund management business. Partnering with First Degree will allow access to the world market and various asset classes.

Fund managers are able to choose their preferred counter-parties for trading, custodian service, audit and fund administration.

“We started First Degree for a number of reasons.  First, we wanted to reinstate direct accountability between portfolio manager and investor. Second, we wanted to attract talented investors to offer high quality portfolio strategies. Third, we wanted to offer investors value in terms of return per unit risk.” 


Focus on Investments, not day-to-day administration. We provide a platform for the manager to manage money, while we take care of the compliance, regulation and administration.


Get support from the industry’s best. Our objective is to partner in an inclusive way with new managers looking to start their own business. First Degree has a combined fifty-five years experience in Asset Management.


We understand what you are trying to achieve, we can help foster an environment that achieves your objectives.

“We take an holistic approach to each of our portfolio managers’ funds. We want portfolio managers to focus on investment and performance while we take care of the legal and compliance.”