Huey Yei Chun - Managing Partner

IntrinSiX Capital

IntrinSiX Capital was founded with a firm belief – that when investors and capital allocators invest only in quality businesses led by honest management with the drive to improve the world, the business community will in turn be encouraged to do better and the world will be a better place.

We love extraordinary businesses that understand consumers intimately and serve them sincerely. We actively look for such long-term winners with virtuous cycles powering their long-term growth engine, investing only when their valuations are attractive. We are long-term partners with our portfolio companies and forge close relationships with management teams; we want to own a piece of such wonderful businesses long-term, forever if possible.

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John Sharp - Managing Partner

Hatcher +

Introducing an Optimal Model for Venture Investment

Hatcher+ is a next-generation, data-driven venture firm that uses AI and machine learning-based technologies to identify early-stage opportunities in partnership with leading accelerators and investors, worldwide.

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