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Private Clients

We offer portfolio management solutions to Private Clients that seek an investment manager, rather than a product salesman


We build core public market portfolios that are designed to be held for the long run. We  tailor these portfolios with client-specific features such as currency hedging or downside protection, invariably at a lower cost than public retail funds


Family Offices

We provide a range of alpha and  active beta strategies in  separate account or pooled form to complement traditional long-only strategies, or to act as an overlay


We also work with leading Family Offices in advising on macro processes, particularly asset allocation-based strategies



Two principles underpin our  Long Horizon investment process: changing investor risk aversion is the principal driver of asset prices and structural asset pricing relations are strongest at long horizons


This low-turnover, finance-based strategy can be a stand alone source of alpha or utilised as complimentary to traditional economic-based strategies


We work with leading Financial Advisors to provide customised portfolios for their Clients


Typically, our Advisor Partners are  looking for investment solutions to differentiate their practices. By engaging a specialist investment manager,  Advisors get the benefit of tailored solutions for their Clients, without having an inhouse investment team



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From Communism to Militaryism to Money Worship

Stephen Fisher - Sunday, May 20, 2018

Coase in CryptoLand : a convertible ecurrency is born

Stephen Fisher - Wednesday, April 04, 2018

'Owners of stocks too often let the capricious and often irrational behavior of their fellow owners cause them to behave irrationally as well. Because there is so much chatter about markets, the economy, interest rates, price behavior of stocks etc., some investors believe that it is important to listen to pundits - and, worse yet, important to consider acting upon their comments


Those people who can sit quietly for decades when they own a farm or apartment house too often become frenetic when they are exposed to a stream of stock quotations and accompanying commentators delivering an implied message of "Don't just sit there, do something."'




Warren Buffett

Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Chairman's Letter to Shareholders 2013


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